Blogs: Custom Content Blocks, Skin Previews, and External Blogs

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Fried Yoda
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All registered members are allowed to create a blog that is visible to everyone, even guests, unless you specify for the blog to be private under the blog settings (which in that case, you must list the members who can access it). Unlike the main site, you are not bound to a single skin to view. In fact, there have been over 60 different skins installed for your blog!

How do I create a blog?
All your tools for creating a blog are found in your Personal CP in the menu.

Can I preview my blog's skin without having to load a different skin each time?
Yes, in fact, previews of all the blog skins are available in the Blog Skins album in the Image Gallery.

How do I make a picture box for my blog?
Creating a custom content block is very easy. All you have to do is log into your blog, click on the Content Blocks menu, and choose Add Custom Content Block. You will get an editor that is identical to that used when posting on the forums. Simply add an image like you normally would when posting on the forums, center it, and press ok!

It is recommended that if you create a custom block for a picture, your picture be a max width of 250px to not overflow the block and screw up the layout of your blog.

Instead of creating a blog, can I have it link to an offsite blog of mine?
Of course, you can have it so when they click your blog name it takes them to your blog's URL. When creating your blog, choose "Link to External Blog" in the "Blog Type" category and enter your blog's URL.
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