Because of bandwidth limits to this site, you can't upload images or files to this site (except for your avatar). However, there are a bunch of free services out there that allow free hosting for images and files.

FileLodge - This site allows you to store up to 500MB of files, with a 50MB limit on each file. The advantages of this site is that it lets you create an account to contain all your files in one place, as well as the big storage size and file limit size. The bads of this site is that it is run by one person, and there are often issues in accessing the site or uploading files.

ImageShack - This site provides unlimited hosting for image files only. You can also register for an account to manage all your images. The goods of this site is that it is widely used, has a bunch of features, and that it will make thumbnails for images that are very big. The downside to this site is that it sometimes is very slow in making your images load.

Photobucket - This site hosts only images, but it is private, can hold lots of images, and is fast and reliable.

Uploading - This is a site to host large files (up to 300MB per file). This site is used all over the internet, and it has decent download servers. The only downside is that if you aren't a paying member, there are popups, there is a 30-60 second wait before downloading, and you can only download one file at a time.