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Thread: Favorite SWG Template and why?

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    Peeping Tom
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    November 20th, 2005
    What was your favorite Template and why?

    My favorite is my first template I ever went. TKM, M.Smuggler, M. Pistoleer.

    Why? It was the first one I came up with, which was nice, and I loved TKM(i can't remember for sure but I was in the top 10 for first people to master TKA) I also loved smuggler and as such adding pistols was a natural choice. I loved this template because I would usually start off with a knockdown/warcry from a distance, then move in for a dizzy attack followed by unarmed hit 3 . I also had some killer knucklers that were something like 450 max dmg or something like that. They weren't the best out there, but I got pretty good at using them. Looted the parts for those myself which made them even more special.

    This was also back when the game first launched, before people thought up melee stacker templates and long before the Combat Nerfgrade... i mean upgrade.

    What about the rest of you?
    "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon Bonaparte

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    Super n00b Jundon's Avatar
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    December 26th, 2005
    master fencer
    0/0/4/0 pistoler
    4/0/3/0 doc
    (provided master fencer for good offense if u had a nice baton,awesome defense:that pistoler line for the
    awesome defenses: doctor for state heals and dot heals:with this template u also had caped dodge)

    master pikeman
    0/4/0/4 swordsmen
    0/1/0/0 teras kasi
    4/0/0/0 doctor
    0/0/0/4 combat prowess(force sensitive speed line:+12 melee speed)

    came with master pikeman,awesome damage with a good pike and warcry(-40 speed for 20 sec which was also spamable and an area attack) intimate(30% damage reduction) and area knockdown which is perfect for tanking) : the 2 lines in swordsmen for speed,accuracy,improved headhit(good damage) adv. armorbreak(makes u hit like 40% harder for 40ish seconds if i can recall) and imrpoved critcal(strongest hiting attack ingame): line in doctor for awesome heals: the melee speed line in combat prowess for +12 speed: the 1 box in teras kasi for improved center of being(+500 defense for 45 seconds).

    ^^ awesome template if u had good armor and attachemnts.

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    Forum Whore Akieo's Avatar
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    November 22nd, 2005
    1. TKM/M Swordsman
    2. M Rifleman/M Dcotor
    3. M Fencer/M Doctor

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    What's my name again? djmtott's Avatar
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    December 4th, 2005
    Chandler, AZ
    pre-CU, TKM/MFencer

    CU, MSL/MCarbineer

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    Peeping Tom Ianril's Avatar
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    December 2nd, 2005

    Master Pistols
    Master TK
    Fencer 3400
    Smuggler 0040
    (who needed medic when you always died by mind? lol)


    Master Rifles
    Master Pistols
    CM 4004
    Kiss my wookiee.

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    Spammer ZorinKeyes's Avatar
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    November 18th, 2005
    My original PvP template Pre Jedi Craze was Master Tk/Master Rifles. 4004 marksman (for ranged support IV) and Fencer 0400. Hakan's was the same but was 4000 marksman and 0440 fencer. I chose ranged support because it gave me a ranged Posture Change. This led to a lot of death's on Famine's part, as it always worked on CMs and people chasing me while kiting.

    Eventually I went Master Brawler/Master Tk/Master Swordsman and 3400 Fencer. Little did I know that was also Zhorx and Sett'bacca's exact template. This worked very well for a while, but eventually I dropped Master TK down to Novice and stacked other defenses. Besides Zhorx and a few others, no one new that the defense acuity in TK somehow (glitch or otherwise, we never found out) broke the caps on Dodge, Counterattack, Block, and Melee and Ranged Defense. So, once I made my Swords stack template with Defense Acuity boost I wasn't killed by less than 3 Jedi at one time for the rest of the time I was playing. Unless of course I was unbuffed.

    Overall though, I feel that my favorite was definitely Tk/Rifles. Not only was it being used in a time where Jedi didn't overpopulate PvP and make it much more bland and stale, it was definitely a template that showed finesse and skill was more favored than stacking. There were very few defenses in a TK/Rifles template as far as stackers were concerned, and I feel the few people that excelled in TK/Rifles in the prime of non jedi PvP were some of the best players on the server. I.E. Spyff, Hakan, Nuka (although I believe he substituted Fencer for TK.), and I'll be arrogant enough to say I did quite well with the template also. :-P

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    . Hakan's Avatar
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    November 18th, 2005
    Zo gave my template. I kept that template from the days when rifleman was said to suck till the very end till I start playing hoody when Ostots finished the grinding. If i wasnt banned and if CU wasnt so close, I would have changed Hoody's template, I had Msaber/Healer 4004/Enhancer 3000/Defender 4004 and novice brawler. I was going to pick up Msaber/Healer 3004/Enhancer 4402/Defender 4000. With the Council leader bonuses I was expecting to solo whole groups with this template, shame I never managed to test it.

    Est Sularus oth Mithas

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    Peeping Tom micole280's Avatar
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    December 1st, 2005
    Master Rifleman/Master Pikeman

    area mind fire/area mind poison + mind shot ftw!

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    Super n00b
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    December 2nd, 2005
    I first saw which profession I really wanted when my uncle went for unarmed combat, because he thought it would be "cool" and I saw the damage output.... I was a carabineer with a bad carabine to put it mildly.
    I eventually mastered Teras Kasi and added master brawler for longer intimidations and warcries. I later added swordsman mastery for weapons to take out mind.
    For me when I will think back at SWG, I will always remember the master brawler/Teras Kasi master combination. Master swordsman was good too, but it can't compare to Teras Kasi in my enjoyment factor. I did a stacking template around swordsman and meditation, but I didn't really enjoy it, though it was effective, so I ended my days as a TKM before I finished the village about exactly a year ago ... After that I played more on an alt (with master swords and TKM) then on my main.

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    November 18th, 2005
    Pre-CU : Master Smuggler, Master Teras Kasi Artist, Master Pistoleer.

    Post-CU BEFORE Concussion shot nerf: Master Smuggler, Master Rifleman, Master Marksman 0030 Carbineer

    Post-CU AFTER Concussion shot nerf: Master Smuggler, Master Combat Medic, 0004 Pistoleer.

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