View Full Version : New Gallery Up!

November 21st, 2006, 12:39 AM
Next to the link for Blogs is the link for Gallery. Click. View. Upload. Enjoy. Unfortunately I was not able to restore all images to their original owners, descriptions, and times due to my recent comp crash. As long as the images are back. Keep it clean please. If you see an image that violates the site rules, please report it just like you would report a normal post. Uploading should be fairly easy....it's just like creating a new topic in the forums! N'Joy...

Also, here's a rundown on some of the upcoming new features: Uploading attachments is what is coming next. I'm going to try to dish that out ASAP.
Image hosting has been postponed until maybe mid-December. The script I was using was very limited. Once you uploaded an image and left the page showing the URL for you to use, there was no way of ever knowing what the URL was again. I contacted the script author and it turns out he will be implementing all the suggestions I made to him in the next release. I offered him assistance, so once that is done, it will go live.
Site skins is coming after attachments. I have to work out some bugs with the banners though, but all the skins that are available for blogs will be available for the entire site. A preview of all the skins can be found in the Gallery.
Last but not least, Merchandise is already under way, but still in the backburner. I've started some concepts, but I won't be able to provide more info on this until I fix the rest of the site and complete all new additions.